Facts about Makeups

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The beauty industry is so shockingly unregulated that you often don’t know what to believe. Face cream, lipsticks, mascara and even body wash are often labelled clinically tested or proven and words such as organic or natural are usually used even when the ingredients are not certified organic
Here are some ingredients you need to be aware of
  1. Lead poisoning: commonly found in lipstick and hair dye, never listed as an ingredient because it’s a contaminant.
  2. Phalates: commonly found in fragrances, nail polish, deodorants and lotions. This common contaminant is linked to endocrine disruptors and can increase your chances of breast cancer, especially during early breast development in girls and reproductive birth defect in male and females.
To avoid this contaminants, look out for the following labels ‘dibutyl phthalate’ in nail polish, ‘diethyl phthalate’ in hair sprays
  1. Oil, silicon, gums and waxes in eye liner can damage your eye sight as this ingredients can build up on the inner rims of your eye lids to cause eye irritation, redness, bacterial infections and even blurred vision. Properly remove eye makeup before bed and sharpen your eye liner pencil before each application to remove some bacteria.
  2. Some lipstick, especially dark and pastel tone synthetic coloured lippies contain coal tar which is not only toxic to your organ system, can cause cancer.
  3. Parabens: a widely used preservatives that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. Sounds good but it’s not as it contains estrogen-mimicking properties that can increase your risk of developing cancer. Look out for any product ingredient with suffix ‘paraben’
  4. Silicone-derived emollients: though used to make products feel soft and skin and hair smooth and silky, they are occlusive and non-biodegradable. When applied, it forms a coating that prevents skin and hair from breathing. It is the equivalent of a plastic wrap and is linked to tumour growth and irritation.
  5. Talc: an anti-caking agent commonly used in baby powder, eye shadow and blush has been linked to tumours, ovarian cancer and respiratory problems when inhaled.
  6. Toluene: usually a clear and aromatic liquid solvent used in nail care products, is infamously known to cause cancer and birth defects in pregnant women.

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