Fast-tracking Innovation Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development (FIELD) Africa today, announced the unveiling of an initiative poised to unlock the entrepreneurial prowess of the African woman.

The initiative is set to incubate young and emerging African women entrepreneurs and there after project successful candidates to relevant investors. Participating entrepreneurs during the stretch of the initiative will receive leadership and entrepreneurship development worth $20,000 to advance their business model for scale and provide them access to finance. The most innovative businesses will get a chance to pitch to a global audience during the 2016 FIELD Africa Forum.

Additionally, a KnowledgExchange Fellowship, another initiative of the organization will provide training and internship opportunity for youths from Africa and beyond to join a global network of business and social impact leaders. Strategic partnerships with funds & global financial institutions like Acumen Fund, Village Capital, etc. as well as universities and incubators has been established to ensure qualitative delivery of the initiative, the organization notes.

On the story behind the inspiration of the initiative, FIELD Africa Chief Information Officer Austin Orji, pointed out that “In 2013 during an innovation boot camp held in Nigeria to inspire youths and students to create innovative solutions to address social problems, a 17 year old miss Nkem exemplified the creativity of the African woman when she received the School2Skill Student Innovative Award of Education & Skill Trust Initiative for creating a low energy musical amplifier”.

Interested persons should proceed to the organization’s website All applicants are to note that applications will be evaluated on a roll-in basis.


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