There are times in life when all you think of is getting a time machine, anything that could take you back in time to rewrite all your wrongs, get all you had thought you should have and live the life you had wished for. Times when all you do is sit in anguish and cry from the pain of yesterday.

Though they will always preach, never regret what once made you happy, never regret the decisions once made, never regret the choices made whether good or bad, right or wrong, on and on they go! Very true because regrets are unavoidable. I think they are part of life, they actually make life what it is.

I have come to believe through my journey here on earth that regrets are part of human existence. It was made to help us perhaps have a clearer vision and understanding of life.

We have to understand that no one can escape regret. we can try to avoid them but as long as we remain humans (imperfect and flawed), walking the surface of the earth, with blood running through our viens, mistakes are bound to happen; we are bound to miss something on our journey through life and regrets are bound to follow.

However, since we cannot turn back the hands of time, we shouldn’t wallow in the pool of regret and watch life go bye, we shouldn’t dwell on the times we have missed, the things we did not get right or the mistakes we made. We shouldn’t let ourselves be trapped in the dark web of regrets, we shouldn’t chose to not move on because of the hurts and fears of  tomorrow nor hold on to the pain of yesteryears. We should rather look forward into the future and tap into the HOPE of a better chance in times to come.

Live life with NO REGRETS!




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