There are times in life when all you think of is getting a time machine, anything that could take you back in time to rewrite all your wrongs, get all you had thought you should have and live the life you had wished for. Times when all you do is sit in anguish and cry from the pain of yesterday.

Though they will always preach, never regret what once made you happy, never regret the decisions once made, never regret the choices made whether good or bad, right or wrong, on and on they go! Very true because regrets are unavoidable. I think they are part of life, they actually make life what it is.

I have come to believe through my journey here on earth that regrets are part of human existence. It was made to help us perhaps have a clearer vision and understanding of life.

We have to understand that no one can escape regret. we can try to avoid them but as long as we remain humans (imperfect and flawed), walking the surface of the earth, with blood running through our viens, mistakes are bound to happen; we are bound to miss something on our journey through life and regrets are bound to follow.

However, since we cannot turn back the hands of time, we shouldn’t wallow in the pool of regret and watch life go bye, we shouldn’t dwell on the times we have missed, the things we did not get right or the mistakes we made. We shouldn’t let ourselves be trapped in the dark web of regrets, we shouldn’t chose to not move on because of the hurts and fears of  tomorrow nor hold on to the pain of yesteryears. We should rather look forward into the future and tap into the HOPE of a better chance in times to come.

Live life with NO REGRETS!





July 2017 Against the run of Play

Against the Run of Play based on the reactions generated by readers after reading the book has not only giving itself a place in the existing literature on Nigerian Politics, it has created for itself a significant impact on the nation’s political space. The book is seen as credible based on the fact that- the author was the former spokesman of late President Umar Musa Ya’radua, the well-informed point of view used in developing the narrative and the test of objectivity justified by the use of interview technique.

This book in twelve chapters and 221 pages, talks about how an incumbent President was defeated in Nigeria. It offers readers unusual insights into the major human and institutional factors that actually facilitated the defeat of the then ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party. It captures the various manoeuvres that defined the outcome of 2015 presidential election.

Subjects such as roles of ethnic politics, intervention of international community, PDP crises, formation of the APC, mistakes done by Jonathan’s presidency, Boko Haram insurgency / Chibok girls, Obasanjo’s revolt and interference of Governor’s forum were interwoven to make the book a masterpiece.

Apart from its deep clarity, brevity and conciseness of diction and expressions used by the author, the device of flashback was also used to link the stories.

Through careful reference to relevant actors that shaped the course of the political history of the period under review, the author’s purpose which is the preservation of the nation’s political history and documentation of the roles of various actors has been achieved.


book cover for June BOTM

I find it a little surprising to read a book on marriage by Africa’s second richest woman and a business tycoon. At first glance at the introductory part of the book, I thought to myself- How can a woman with so much affluence and influence, possess such level of humility with fear and love for God?

When I came to know that she’s stayed married for 35years to her husband, I wondered how this was made possible, how is she able to stay committed to her vows and love for her husband despite several raging storms that comes with marriage. Maybe because I think it to be rare to find any woman in her class and status to be able to have stayed married for 35 years without divorce or because knowing the kind of wealth she controls, in addition to being richer and highly placed above her husband, I thought it impossible for her to have achieve this feat in life, talk more of writing the book University of Marriage, which I see as a lifeline to a new beginning especially for those whose marriages are falling apart.

In the University of Marriage, Mrs Alakija is seen as a mentor and coach as she shares tips and strategies in three parts to help married couples work on their marriages. She provides vital information on what marriage is about and how to make it work. Also to been seen are challenging life experiences told to her with honest answers.

This 140 page book teaches on the ingredients of a good marriage, common reasons why marriages fail and provide short case studies with responses.

I will recommend this book for not just married couples, but singles especially in courtship.


Basic RGB

I must admit that despite the attractive book cover, I was not sure what to expect from The Smart Money Women. My reasons where simple. First, I had never heard of the author and second, I am usually sceptical about books that claim to teach you how to put your money to good use. I usually find such books boring and to me they seldom offer practical advice. Arese Ugwu’s book turned out to be different!

I must confess I skipped over the financial advice bits and read the actual story of Zuri and her friends. It was nice to read about the hot spots in Lagos – this brought the characters close to home and made them relevant to today’s Nigerian woman. When I had finished the novel I went back to read through the financial lessons in each chapter. I found them pretty easy to follow.

This 210-page book is divided into 12 chapters. At the end of each chapter, Arese defines certain terminologies used in a section called “Smart Money Lesson”. Afterwards, she gives her readers a number of simple (but powerful) exercises to enable them realise where they are at in terms of financial health, create a road map and action plans to get them to their desired financial goal.

This book tackles debt, spending, the entrepreneurial culture of the African middle class, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the roles they play in success.

The Smart Money Woman is a pretty good and easy read especially for those looking to turn their financial situations around.



Since the sexual union of marriage ties two souls as one, what do you think happens if a person commits fornication or adultery with another person outside marriage? Actually, your soul becomes mysteriously knit and tied to the other person also. They cleaved together just as in marriage. The soul ties formed through illicit sexual involvement can be as strong and binding as those formed through the marriage covenant.

It is ironic that despite the influx of information about sex in our society today, some pre-marital counselling classes make scant mention of sex, our present day beliefs does not encourage discussions on sex, even the church created by God to introduce light into darkness, knowledge where there is ignorance and make palatable what could otherwise be distasteful, has failed in this regard; they have as well adopted same mindset.

Sex, Lies and your Soul by Agu Irukwu was written purposefully to provide some much needed insight on the subject ‘sex’. It offers in four parts and 83 pages, encouragement to those whose mistakes have trapped them in bondage to sexual addiction.

The first part of the book ‘The Web’, open our eyes to the state of things today; how we are being bombarded with a daily intake of sex through billboards, television, books, magazines, and all what not, the advertising industry uses sex to sell almost everything, role models for some youth are usually people who subscribe to a lifestyle of sexual promiscuity. It takes us on a voyage into his life as regards his battle with sexual immorality, prior to becoming a pastor and provides us with some teachings on the battle of your soul.

The part two ‘What they didn’t teach me about sex’ reveals to us God’s design about sex, His perception towards sexual immorality, how sex within the confines of marriage is seen as an act of worship to God, sex and soul ties, sex in relation to the spirit realm, the result of sex especially outside marriage, the marriage covenant and the physical consequences of sexual immorality.

Part three provides us with answers to life-long questions like; is masturbation sexually moral? Is pornography harmless? How far is too far? Can a Christian struggle with sexual immorality? Is sexual immorality generational? I was sexually abused, what do I do? What can I do to get rid of sexually immoral thoughts and images that plague me?

Part four gives us insight as to what sexual addiction is and how to regain and protect your freedom.

Citations from the Bible round out the book





When a new political party (opposition) sprung up with the mantra ‘change’ as its watchword, Nigerians were all happy and received them with so much enthusiasm. One year down the line and the question is where is the change?

Ask the party faithful’s and they will rattle a whole list of accomplished tasks- Treasury Single Account (TSA), fuel subsidy and what not! In fact they were able to revisit major cases of corruption allegations from unremitted funds by high placed Nigerians, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporations (NNPC), oil subsidy scam, pension fraud, oil theft, to mention but a few, in one year in office.

It is rare for a ruling team to score self-goals, but they seem to have done so with unparalleled élan. Achievements have been marred by a series of incidents- increased rate of unemployment, immoral acts, flip-flop of foreign direct investment especially due to insecurity, as the laws of the streets has taken over the laws of the land, poverty, hunger and deprivation amidst plenty, stare one in the face.

‘Rage for Change’- A LEAP Africa publication is a novella that will impact the world positively if approached with an insightful taste by the youths of our generation. This book is the spark that could light up a new horizon on the surface of poverty in Africa; a guide to young Nigerians that are willing to make a difference as the success and the growth of this country, rests on their shoulders.

“Rage for Change” is proof that what makes a leader isn’t restricted to just accomplishing great things, but doing little unique things that anyone who has a heart can do. It demystifies the concept of leadership and brings it within the sphere of influence for everyone – especially the youth.

This book in 6 chapters, will equip, enlighten and inspire through various tools and tips, politicians and the electorate alike, helping them to have a deeper sense of what leadership and civic responsibility demands.

Rage for Change, in this month of our independence, is my recommendation for all, young and old alike.