book cover for June BOTM

I find it a little surprising to read a book on marriage by Africa’s second richest woman and a business tycoon. At first glance at the introductory part of the book, I thought to myself- How can a woman with so much affluence and influence, possess such level of humility with fear and love for God?

When I came to know that she’s stayed married for 35years to her husband, I wondered how this was made possible, how is she able to stay committed to her vows and love for her husband despite several raging storms that comes with marriage. Maybe because I think it to be rare to find any woman in her class and status to be able to have stayed married for 35 years without divorce or because knowing the kind of wealth she controls, in addition to being richer and highly placed above her husband, I thought it impossible for her to have achieve this feat in life, talk more of writing the book University of Marriage, which I see as a lifeline to a new beginning especially for those whose marriages are falling apart.

In the University of Marriage, Mrs Alakija is seen as a mentor and coach as she shares tips and strategies in three parts to help married couples work on their marriages. She provides vital information on what marriage is about and how to make it work. Also to been seen are challenging life experiences told to her with honest answers.

This 140 page book teaches on the ingredients of a good marriage, common reasons why marriages fail and provide short case studies with responses.

I will recommend this book for not just married couples, but singles especially in courtship.