July 2017 Against the run of Play

Against the Run of Play based on the reactions generated by readers after reading the book has not only giving itself a place in the existing literature on Nigerian Politics, it has created for itself a significant impact on the nation’s political space. The book is seen as credible based on the fact that- the author was the former spokesman of late President Umar Musa Ya’radua, the well-informed point of view used in developing the narrative and the test of objectivity justified by the use of interview technique.

This book in twelve chapters and 221 pages, talks about how an incumbent President was defeated in Nigeria. It offers readers unusual insights into the major human and institutional factors that actually facilitated the defeat of the then ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party. It captures the various manoeuvres that defined the outcome of 2015 presidential election.

Subjects such as roles of ethnic politics, intervention of international community, PDP crises, formation of the APC, mistakes done by Jonathan’s presidency, Boko Haram insurgency / Chibok girls, Obasanjo’s revolt and interference of Governor’s forum were interwoven to make the book a masterpiece.

Apart from its deep clarity, brevity and conciseness of diction and expressions used by the author, the device of flashback was also used to link the stories.

Through careful reference to relevant actors that shaped the course of the political history of the period under review, the author’s purpose which is the preservation of the nation’s political history and documentation of the roles of various actors has been achieved.